Gunár et al. 2011b, A&A 535, A122

Synthetic differential emission measure curves of prominence
fine structures II. The SoHO/SUMER prominence of 8 June 2004

S. Gunár, S. Parenti, U. Anzer, P. Heinzel & J.-C. Vial

pdf: Gunár et al. 2011b, Astronomy & Astrophysics 535, A122

Aims: This study is the first attempt to combine the prominence observations in Lyman, UV, and EUV lines with the determination of the prominence differential emission measure derived using two different techniques, one based on the inversion of the observed UV and EUV lines and the other employing 2D non-LTE prominence fine-structure modeling of the Lyman spectra.

Methods: We use a trial-and-error method to derive the 2D multi-thread prominence fine-structure model producing synthetic Lyman spectra in good agreement with the observations. We then employ a numerical method to perform the forward determination of the DEM from 2D multi-thread models and compare the synthetic DEM curves with those derived from observations using inversion techniques.

Results: A set of available observations of the June 8, 2004 prominence allows us to determine the range of input parameters, which contains models producing synthetic Lyman spectra in good agreement with the observations.We select three models, which represent this parametric-space area well and compute the synthetic DEM curves for multi-thread realizations of these models. The synthetic DEM curves of selected models are in good agreement with the DEM curves derived from the observations.

Conclusions: We show that the evaluation of the prominence fine-structure DEM complements the analysis of the prominence hydrogen Lyman spectra and that its combination with the detailed radiative-transfer modeling of prominence fine structures provides a useful tool for investigating the prominence temperature structure from the cool core to the prominence-corona transition region.

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