Gunár et al. 2012, Mysore, India

Prominence fine structure dynamics as inferred from 2D non-LTE models

S. Gunár, P. Mein, B. Schmieder, P. Heinzel & N. Mein

From the 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, July 14 – 22, Mysore, India


2D multi-thread prominence fine structure models are able to produce synthetic Lyman spectra in very good agreement with spectral observations by SOHO/SUMER including the spectral line asymmetries. The synthetic differential emission measure curves derived from these models are also in a good agreement with observations. Now we show that these models are also able to produce synthetic H-alpha line profiles in very good agreement with observations which allows us to analyze not only the physical parameters of the prominence fine-structure plasma but also some aspects of its dynamical behaviour.

We compare the synthetic H-alpha spectra with the observed spectra of the April 26, 2007 prominence using three statistical parameters: the line integrated intensity, the line full-width at the half-maximum (FWHM), and the Doppler velocity derived from shifts of the line profiles. This statistical analysis allows us to conclude that the overall statistical distribution of the LOS velocities in the April 26, 2007 prominence at the time of the observations was below +/-15 km/s and in the prominence core was close to +/-10 km/s.

In combination with the analysis of the Lyman spectra we determine several physical parameters of the observed prominence fine structures which show that the April 26, 2007 prominence was relatively less massive. We are also able to put some constrains on the prominence core temperature that might be relatively low, reaching values below 6000 K.

Presentation: in pdf

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