Massive solar prominence observed by NASA/SDO. Earth for the comparison.

As an researcher I’m trying to advance the knowledge of our closest star, the Sun, by small steps as fast as I can manage. It is an exiting job (boring at times, of course) that gives me plenty of chances to meet amazing people and travel far-and-wide. And the main output of an research life are of course publications, the more the merrier some say :).

Here I will try to maintain an up-to-date list of the more important publications both from Peer-reviewed Journals and from Conference Proceedings. I hope I won’t breach any obligations I have to the Journal publishers by doing so.

Papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals:

Dynamics of quiescent prominence fine structures analyzed by 2D non-LTE modelling of the Hα line: Gunár et al. 2012, A&A 543, A93

Synthetic differential emission measure curves of prominence fine structures II. The SoHO/SUMER prominence of 8 June 2004: Gunár et al. 2011b, A&A 535, A122

Synthetic differential emission measure curves of prominence fine structuresGunár et al. 2011a, A&A 528, A47

Statistical comparison of the observed and synthetic hydrogen Lyman line profiles in solar prominences: Gunár et al. 2010, A&A 514, A43

On Lyman-line asymmetries in quiescent prominencesGunár et al. 2008, A&A 490, 307

Properties of prominence fine-structure threads derived
from SOHO/SUMER hydrogen Lyman lines

Properties of prominence fine-structure threads derived from SOHO/SUMER hydrogen Lyman lines:Gunár et al. 2007b,  A&A 472, 929

Prominence fine structures in a magnetic equilibrium: III. Lyman continuum in 2D configurations: Gunár et al. 2007a, A&A 463, 737

Contributions to conferences:

Comparison of gravity-induced and force-free magnetic dips in quiescent prominences: Gunár et al. 2012, HINODE-6 meeting, Aug 14 – 17, 2012, St Andrews, UK

Prominence fine structure dynamics as inferred from 2D non-LTE models: Gunár et al. 2012, 39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, July 14 – 22, Mysore, India

2D prominence fine structure models: recent progress and results: Gunár et al. 2011, 2011 PROM Workshop, Dec 13- 15, 2011, Pasadena, CA, USA

Synthetic DEM curves of prominence fine structures: Gunár et al. 2011, THE SUN 360 – STEREO-4/SDO-2/SOHO-25 Workshop, July 24- 30, 2011, Kiel, Germany

2D Radiative Transfer in Heterogeneous Atmospheric Structures: Gunár et al. 2009, Recent Directions in Aastrophysical Quantitative Spectroscopy and Rariation Hydrodynamics, Boulder, CO


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